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Wildfire Control Efforts Increase Risk of Mold Damage in Portland

11/13/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Wildfire Control Efforts Increase Risk of Mold Damage in Portland After fire fighters leave, you have both fire damages and water damages that can quickly become mold damages if not dealt with right away by SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Technicians Assess Mold Infestation Issues After Water was Used to Put Out a Fire at Your Home

Water seems like a real savior during recent fire events in and near Portland. As the threat of extensive damage reduces through fire-fighting efforts, the possibility of mold damage developing is rarely considered. Once you step back and consider how much water is used to control a blaze or reduce the possibility that fire takes off in your home you understand that secondary water-accelerated mold damage can become a crisis in its own right.
Mold damage basics in Portland, as elsewhere, emphasize that where standing water or residual dampness remains unabated for just a couple of days, microbial growth is almost inevitable. Our area of Oregon is one of the most humid in the country, and the 73.2 percent average ambient moisture can by itself support mold growth. Add water-based firefighting efforts, and it is not surprising that area homeowners so often seek our mold remediation skills.
If mold damage does take hold in your home, abating it becomes as important as cleaning up soot or smoke damage. SERVPRO offers full-service restoration, able to handle your water damage issues, smoke and soot cleanup, as well as providing the mold remediation protocols developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Your reliance upon our ability to respond professionally and successfully whatever your restoration needs is well-founded. Our technicians train in a broad variety of strategies and methodologies supported by courses developed with the backing of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), an international restoration industry standards-setting organization.
Expect the mold damage remediation process to emphasize the safety of you and your family as well as the professionals providing the services. SERVPRO technicians wear full personal protective gear during the abatement and contain the moldy areas with physical barriers and modern technologies, like negative pressure air scrubbers, preventing particles from contaminating mold growth-free areas of your home. Any porous materials infiltrated by mold growth will be removed along with the mold colonies, and the infested items disposed of according to local codes for hazardous waste.
Final mold remediation steps include sanitization with professional grade antimicrobials matched to the fungal growth and a careful consideration of the water incursion that activated the mold in the first place. Any water or moisture remaining after all restoration services complete can contribute to another wave of mold growth. The water and fire damage efforts must completely eradicate excess moisture issues to prevent further mold damage.
Often home restoration is a complicated matter, and SERVPRO of Northwest Portland has the skills, experience, and trained technicians to manage mold, water, and fire damage issues, as well as other. Call (503) 283-3658 to set your individualized remediation processes in motion.

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About Water Damage Restoration In Portland Homes

11/2/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage About Water Damage Restoration In Portland Homes When your Portland home needs water damage restoration, SERVPRO can assist you with the needed work.

Water Damage Restoration

Many Portland homeowners who find damaged areas in their residence often try to patch the area up with store-bought repair materials. These items are typically only for temporary repairs, not permanent ones. Water can damage a home in various ways, each requiring its own solution.

When your Portland home needs water damage restoration, SERVPRO can assist you with the needed work. Our tools, machinery, and equipment help us in providing professional services for both large and small jobs. Because water damage spreads and grows larger, small affected areas should receive timely repair work. Prevention always requires less work and expense than what larger jobs need. Acting quickly instead of waiting for water damage to become more noticeable or problematic costs homeowners thousands extra.

Experts in restoration work can save you both time and money by doing the repairs the correct way, the first time. This eliminates the need for temporary materials, which restoration professionals need to remove before performing more permanent repairs.

SERVPRO technicians restore homes by removing sections full of water damage and then replacing the needed materials. Cleaning away the grime and grit that comes along with deterioration can revitalize some materials enough that replacement becomes unnecessary. Removing some materials leads to the discovery of additional damage on the wooden beams that make up the framework of a home.

Replacing structural supports with like materials restores the strength of the home's interior structure. Many homeowners experience an absence of creaking after this type of restoration. Window frames and doors become a bit more square once this happens, also, making them easier to open and close.

When water damage affects windows and doorways, reframing them can solve the problem. Cabinets can also become water-damaged and require repair work. Floors, walls, ceilings, and even your belongings can sustain damage from exposure to water. We can restore all of these to like-new condition for you.

Water, while necessary for life, can quickly and easily create damaged areas in any home. Our experts also have the skills needed to locate the water coming into your home, and then eliminating the water's source, protecting your home from future water damage. Call SERVPRO of Northwest Portland at (503) 283-3658 for our round-the-clock services.

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Overflowing Water Brings Flood Damage to Portland Homes

10/25/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Overflowing Water Brings Flood Damage to Portland Homes Flooding destroys building structure quickly and from the bottom up. Contact SERVPRO for drying out, remediation efforts and restoration.

Our Technicians Follow the Water's Path to Find Any Pockets That Can Harbor Floodwaters in Your Home

Many natural bodies of water provide hours of fun and relaxation to Portland residents. If they overflow due to heavy rains, flooding can rush into homes and cause extensive damage. Mitigating such damage by professionals restores homes to pre-flood condition.

When residents find their floors soggy with water, flood damage in Portland is already beginning. Carpets become ruined quickly, and the flooring support underneath becomes at risk of becoming severely damaged. Walls made of stucco, drywall and other absorbent materials quickly wick water upwards, making two lines – flood line and a wavy one where moisture prevails.

SERVPRO professionals use pumps of various kinds to remove standing water. Switching to smaller units helps remove puddles inside usually unnoticed depressions. Afterward, we quickly remove the carpeting and padding. Setting up the machinery to dry out floors comes next. Walls that receive immediate attention can often remain standing instead of being torn away and replaced. We include the treatments needed to kill any pathogens, as well.

Because flooding inside a home happens on lower levels, many people become surprised at how muggy the air becomes inside their flooded home. Water continually attempts to find equilibrium and uses evaporation and condensation to achieve this state. Opening windows and doors after a flood can help the moisture exit your home to much drier air outside. The air movers used to dry out walls also keeps moisture from settling, and the desiccant machines trap the water molecules before they can condense elsewhere inside your home.

If flooding occurred inside your kitchen area, we can help restore this area to functioning capacity again. However, unlike other areas of your home where cleaning and removal of silt and other minute debris suffices, government regulations require the disposing of all foodstuffs. Contact with floodwater, no matter how temporary, renders those items inedible. In cans, there are too many tiny places where dangerous pathogens can hide, and the risk of contamination is extremely high. Bleach may render these pathogens inert, but it can also corrode the can and cause additional problems.

SERVPRO of Northwest Portland is ready to help you with flood damage when the Columbia or the Willamette overflow in our area. Calling (503) 283-3658 puts you in contact with our 24-hour service and begins the restoration process every flooded home needs.
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Cooking Fires And Subsequent Fire Damage In Your St. Johns Kitchen

10/10/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Cooking Fires And Subsequent Fire Damage In Your St. Johns Kitchen Even if a kitchen fire blazes for only a short time and efforts to extinguish it succeed, the smoke can ruin your kitchen.

Fire Damage In Your Kitchen

A favorite activity of many residents in St. Johns, cooking lets us show off our skill and our personalities. It also brings friends and family together, teaches our children a vital but fundamental skill, and promotes our health.

St. Johns part-time chefs can protect their kitchens from fire damage by exercising caution when frying foods. Oils can quickly ignite, creating instantaneous flames that can spread quickly. If this happens, turn off the stove's burners as quickly as possible. Using water in attempts to extinguish such fires rarely ends well. Instead, cover the pot to suffocate the flames, or toss several boxes of baking soda on a blazing skillet, which can extinguish the fire, if you act quickly enough.

However, it takes a tremendous amount of baking soda to accomplish this feat. The mistaken use of baking powder, or worse, flour, can create even more problems, as these ignite when exposed to too much heat. Smoking heavily, oil gives off a warning sign when becoming too hot, so reducing the temperature can effectively prevent a grease fire.

Even if a kitchen fire blazes for only a short time and efforts to extinguish it succeed, the smoke can ruin your kitchen. However, the technicians at SERVPRO combine extensive experience with intensive training, so your home always receives the protection it deserves. We can clean your kitchen and adjacent areas in your home, so it sparkles once again. Making homes feel clean and bright again, so homeowners feel “Like it never even happened” makes our work fulfilling and highly worthwhile.

At times, structural damage to the home occurs because of a fire that raged out of control and spread, but we are always ready for such disasters. Cleaning these situations up to restoring your home through repairs or replacements makes it safe once again to enjoy cooking and providing others with delicious food from your kitchen. Removing the sooty deposits means no malodorous remnants remain to ruin the taste of your food, either.

SERVPRO of Northwest Portland can be contacted at our local number, (503) 283-3658, any day of the year, and at any hour. We care about those in our community and helping ensure that each family can engage in their daily activities without interruption remains one of our goals.

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Plan Ahead For Leaks And Prevent Mold Damage In Your Portland Coffee Shop

10/3/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Plan Ahead For Leaks And Prevent Mold Damage In Your Portland Coffee Shop Portland coffee shops are at risk from leaking appliances such as dishwashers, seepage from windows or roofs, or burst pipes.

Prevent Mold Damage

Leaks can happen in any business. Portland coffee shops are at risk from leaking appliances such as dishwashers, seepage from windows or roofs, or burst pipes. After a leak, there is a genuine risk of mold damage, which is something no business owner wants. In particular, there is a risk of mold growing in food storage spaces which could lead to spoilage and the costly loss of your stock. That is why it is important to plan to prevent leaks and therefore mold damage in your business.

Mold damage is unsightly, and naturally, you want to take all the steps you can to prevent it happening in your Portland coffee shop. One way you can plan is by carrying out a risk assessment and putting guidelines in place for what to do in the event of a leak. The sooner you deal with water in your premises, the less chance there is of damp settling in and giving mold a place to grow.

The first step is a risk assessment. SERVPRO’s Emergency Ready Profile app is perfect for carrying out a risk assessment. Emergency Ready Plan is free and makes it easy to go through your business and highlight potential risks and problems, and then draw up a plan for what to do in an emergency.

Take a look at all the places water could enter, or leak or spill: Appliances, windows, doors, the basement, sinks, and faucets. Check for leaks or damage, and get necessary repairs done as soon as possible. Get your staff into the habit of cleaning up spills immediately.

Check out where your food is stored and make sure it is dry, so mold cannot form (the spores need moisture to grow). Plan how to keep food safe from damp in the event of a leak, perhaps by moving it to a different location in your store, or even to another location in the area.

SERVPRO is on hand to help dehumidify and dry your premises before mold has the chance to grow. Our IICRC-certified technicians use moisture probes and penetrating moisture meters to look for hidden patches of damp and make sure your premises is thoroughly dry. For help with mold prevention in Concordia, Kenton, Portsmouth, Piedmont and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Northwest Portland at (503) 283-3658 today.

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Timely Local Response, Providing Water Damage Restoration Services Throughout The Portland Area

9/12/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Timely Local Response, Providing Water Damage Restoration Services Throughout The Portland Area Melting Snow Can Cause Water Damage in the Portland Area

Reduce Damages Caused by Water with Fast SERVPRO Service

While water itself is essential to our survival, the same is not true for your home in Portland. Too much water can create a variety of problems including corrosion, rust, and mold that have a major impact on your indoor living environment and the structural integrity of your building.  

Water damage restoration comes in handy when the building materials used to construct your Portland area home become exposed to water. These services involve using a licensed technician to repair and restore sections of your home damaged during an event. Making your property look new again, “Like it never even happened.”

It is important for you to seek professional help as soon as possible. However, it is also necessary to make informed decisions concerning your repairs, so you may also want access to someone who can confidently explain things to you.
SERVPRO technicians respond 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, regardless of when you need us, we are there. We take the time to explain every step of our process in detail, answer any questions, and address every concern you might have throughout the restoration process. The entire scope of service is presented to you, no surprises.

It helps to have access to a professional, local company, as availability plays a crucial role in your restoration. It is never good having to wait on someone who has to drive three hours between jobs to check on drying equipment or answer your call for help.

So, you might be happy to know that every SERVPRO franchise is locally owned and operated. Our office is run by people who live right here. All of our technicians are IICRC-industry certified, use the latest, most sophisticated equipment, and take serving the members of our community seriously.
If you are worried about your insurance coverage, or costs associated with your restoration, you can rest assured that we do everything possible to assist you with filing a successful claim and make it a point to provide you with the quality results you deserve.
Contact SERVPRO of Northwest Portland to begin your home’s restoration, today. Our fleet offers full-service solutions throughout Concordia, Kenton, and Piedmont as well. (503) 283-3658

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Wildfire Damage from Smoke and Soot in the Portland Area

9/6/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Wildfire Damage from Smoke and Soot in the Portland Area Trust SERVPRO for Smoke & Fire Damage Cleanup in the Portland Area

Odor Removal and Fire & Smoke Restoration Are SERVPRO Cornerstones of Service After Portland Wildfires

Residents of our community can be despondent and fearful as the wildfires of 2017 consume acres of scenic Oregon. Dozens of fires are currently burning, traveling swiftly and changing directions because of historic dry conditions and high winds. The possibility that your home or business could be at risk for significant smoke and soot damage is real.

Wildfires in the Cascades and the Columbia River Gorge create excessive amounts of ash, soot, and smoke, infiltrating buildings and coating vehicles and property. Even dwellings untouched by flames in the Portland area experience fire damage, soot and smoke deposits soiling the interiors of homes and adversely affecting indoor air quality. Our core business is fire damage restoration, and our crews are ready to help your home recover from this widespread disaster.

Smoke and soot damage is very corrosive, requiring a fast response. Our SERVPRO is a local company committed to the well-being of our community, and able to react quickly because of our nationwide network of franchises. We have access to technicians trained extensively in advanced smoke and soot cleanup techniques and a range of cutting edge equipment and tools that make our work crews even more efficient.

Managing the damage done by soot and smoke requires the experience and schooling possessed by our team of IICRC certified workers. These FST fire and smoke restoration technicians are deliberate in their choice of cleaning products and tools and tenacious in their quest to remove all traces of soiling due to the wildfires. Light coatings can be dry sponged, vacuumed and dusted away, while sticky soot layers respond better to careful scrubbing, sometimes with abrasives. We try to eliminate all stains, and when necessary, prime coat salvageable building materials. We also use immersion options for intricate articles like blinds that are hard to clean in other ways, and ultrasonic machines that must be operated by our certified technicians. For cleaning and storing possessions and belongings, we offer a pack-out service.

Our SERVPRO arsenal also includes odor-busting technology. A clean home is of little value if it smells strongly of smoke. Our deodorization specialists have many methods and tools at their disposal to eradicate even persistent odors. If thorough cleaning and sealing products only take the edge off a smoky smell, we move to airborne strategies like professional spray deodorants, thermal foggers, ozone machines and hydroxyl generators. You can rely on our OCT odor control trained technicians.

If your property needs wildfire damage restoration help, SERVPRO of Northwest Portland is eager and ready to lend a hand. Schedule an assessment at (503) 283-3658, and a well equipped and trained team of restoration specialists can arrive within hours.

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Why Portland Restaurants Take on More Water Damage than Other Businesses

9/3/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Why Portland Restaurants Take on More Water Damage than Other Businesses The ERP Plan Can Reduce Water Damage and Closings for Portland Area Restaurants and Other Businesses

Water, Restaurants, and Damage?  Call SERVPRO

Restaurants typically have the highest water consumption of any class of business, leading not only to increased bills but also greater risk of water damage.

Portland restaurants experience small-scale water damage on a much more frequent basis than other local companies, causing minor but still troublesome headaches for the unprepared. While SERVPRO can help with mitigation and restoration services to keep the real impact on your business to a minimum, you should be prepared for the most common issues you may find yourself facing.
Clogged Drains
Whether it is in the restroom or the kitchen, clogged pipes and drains have the potential to cause a lot of water damage to your Portland restaurant very quickly. While establishments with timed faucets are typically resistant to these disasters, troubles can still arise due to carelessness or malfunction. Overflowing sinks and drains spill high volumes of water on the floor, causing permanent damage to flooring materials if not properly drained or cleaned up. Should this issue arise, be sure to shut the water off quickly to prevent further harm.
Burst or Torn Water Lines
Whether the water line is in the structure or an appliance, rips, and holes in pipes and tubes commonly create uncontrollable disasters. While aging kitchen equipment tends to be at the greatest risk, accidents can happen to even the newest and most premium appliances. Be sure to have sealant on-hand to patch up leaks quickly, and contact SERVPRO or an equipment technician as needed for further fixes.
Serious flooding can happen to restaurants either from natural disasters or major water leaks, such as a busted water main. When this happens, a fast call to SERVPRO is critical, as calling us without delay ensures that we can find and repair the issue in a timely fashion and mitigate as much damage as possible. These cases typically develop into lengtheir, more challenging restoration processes, especially if we experience additional delays in the mitigation process. Our ERP, Emergency READY Profile Plan can help prevent, or at least mitigate, fire or water damage from closing your restaurant.
SERVPRO of Northwest Portland helps local businesses to survive and overcome even the worst disasters and damages. To enlist our aid, call us around the clock at (503) 283-3658.

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Inadequate Gutters And Downspouts Cause Foundation Flood Damage In Portland

8/22/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Inadequate Gutters And Downspouts Cause Foundation Flood Damage In Portland Portland Homeowners Rely on SERVPRO for Storm Damage Cleanup

SERVPRO Tips to Mitigate Storm Damage from Structural Defects

Storms that dump many inches of rain over the period of just a few hours expose your home to the risk of severe flooding inside your foundation. The causes of these storm-related outcomes focus on the condition and capacity of gutter and downspout systems as well as the possibility of seepage because of the supersaturated ground. Our crews train extensively to respond to these types of conditions, ready to turn back the clock and return your Portland house to you “Like it never even happened.”
Several days of incessant rains soak the ground surrounding your house. The water finds nowhere to go but through the cinder blocks into your foundation. As the pounding rain rolls off the roof into your gutters, it spills over, sending torrents of water over the edge of your foundation. We have answers to the flood damage afflicting your Portland home, dilemma, and you guarantee yourself a better result if you call for our services immediately without trying to manage the influx of water by yourself.
Our team ascertains that it is safe to work in the flooded basement, and we begin pumping out the water. We hit the ground running even if the power in your home is unavailable to use because of our powerful truck mounted submersible pumps and water extractors. Once the water level reduces, SERVPRO team members assess the condition of any mechanical systems and determine whether stored items or furnishings sustained flood damage. Cinder block walls are notorious for holding water within interior cells. Sophisticated scanning techniques find pockets of water, and we drill through mortar joints to release it. Air movers and dehumidifiers begin the process of drying the walls and floors.
SERVPRO does not leave you high and dry after completion of the job. We consult with you about the reasons for this destructive event. Water incursions through the walls of your foundation signal that the grading around your home may need review. Poorly performing gutters and downspouts may need an upgrade. We also work you through the insurance claim process as storm related flooding frequently is a covered instance.
SERVPRO of Northwest Portland is poised to perform when you call (503) 283-3658. No disaster is too big or too small for our professionals to lend their training and experience to meet your needs in Portland, St Johns, or even Concordia.

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Freeze Drying Restores Paperwork After Water Damage To Your Portland Law Firm

8/4/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Freeze Drying Restores Paperwork After Water Damage To Your Portland Law Firm Water damage is one thing no law firm wants to handle.

Water Damaged Documents

Water damage is one thing no law firm wants to handle. It only takes a spell of severe weather, a burst pipe or even a leaking roof to leave your legal firm facing a costly cleanup operation. Even though so much work is performed by computer these days, many law firms still have lots of old paperwork and books that are not in digital form.

When the worst happens, and the books and archives of your Portland law firm suffer water damage, you might think that there is no way to restore them. However, that is not necessarily true. Swift action may be enough to save your valuable documents. That is why we recommend calling SERVPRO immediately, as time is of the essence when dealing with waterlogged paper items.

The first thing our IICRC-certified team does is freeze water damaged paperwork as quickly as possible. Fast freezing prevents further damage and gives the water damage restoration process the greatest chance of success. Next, we ship the books and papers to our restoration facility. We ship them in climate controlled conditions, and carefully log each item so you can relax knowing that your beloved items are in good hands.

We use our freeze drying chamber to carry out water damage restoration on your books and archives. The method is innovative and yet surprisingly simple. We use a powerful vacuum to draw any air out of the chamber. Meanwhile, we heat the chamber slowly to the correct temperature (below 32F). SERVPRO uses the right combination of pressure and temperature to dry materials using a process known as sublimation. We remove the frozen water as gas without it passing through a liquid phase, which means there is no further distortion or water damage to the paper. Freeze drying often eliminates the need for expensive re-binding of books. The process of freeze drying also brings dirt such as mud to the surface and makes it much easier to clean the paper.

Do not despair if your law library or client files are water damaged. Swift action and state of the art freeze drying can save your papers and books and restore them “Like it never even happened.” For help restoring damaged books, call SERVPRO of Northwest Portland at (503) 283-3658 today.

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