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We respond faster to any size disaster

3/28/2022 (Permalink)

Standing Water in an office building Standing Water in an office building

STOP! If you have water, fire, or mold damage in your property right now, call us at 503-SERVPRO RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait to mitigate - the longer damage sits unattended, the more likely it will develop secondary damage. Call us at 503-SERVPRO now.

When you choose SERVPRO of Northwest Portland to handle your restoration needs, you’re choosing a company with strong core values and a commitment to a common vision of growth and improvement. 

Here at SERVPRO of Northwest Portlandwe strive to set the standard for premier cleaning and restoration companies by unifying our team with extensive training. As we continue to grow and prove our capabilities to our community in the greater Portland area, we work to ensure that the standards we have set for our success carries through to every employee, through detailed and regular training.

Our mission is to develop a family of dedicated professionals who strive towards unparalleled quality, constant growth and transparent communication. We believe we can accomplish this mission through training, attention to detail, and consistent adherence to our values. They are as follows:

Unparalleled Quality.

We strive to set a higher standard of integrity through excellent customer service, workmanship and teamwork.

Family Culture.

We create a happy environment where everyone can excel and realize their full potential through teamwork, trust, mutual respect and prosperity.

Constant Growth.

We desire for continuous personal and professional growth to achieve success.

Effective Communication.

Open and transparent communication throughout all levels of the business.

Identify and Develop Quality Leaders.

Identify quality leaders through education, training, opportunity, technology and encouragement. 

When you choose SERVPRO of Northwest Portland, you choose a company with strong values. If you ever need restoration services, call a company that you can trust - call us at 503-283-3658.

Water Intrusion?

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Standing Water in a Living room Standing Water in a Living Room

Have you ever tried getting a hold of an “Emergency” contractor outside of the Monday- Friday 9-5? How did that work out? 

SERVPRO of Northwest Portland is a 24 hour emergency service company, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When disaster strikes, even at 2 am, your call will be answered. Our crews are trained and equipped to help you when disaster strikes, no matter the size of your loss. 

Concerned about your personal property? Rest assured that our contents department will be able to salvage and restore as much of your damaged property as possible. To see examples of restored personal property, visit our “Why SERVPRO” tab above and click “Before/After Photos.”

So if disaster should ever strike your home, make sure to remember to call SERVPRO of Northwest Portland at 503-283-3658

To learn more about who we are as a Family Owned Small Business, click the “About Us” tab above.

A word from our Customer

3/10/2022 (Permalink)

boarded up home after a severe fire boarded up home after a severe fire

SERVPRO of Northwest Portland prides itself in providing an excellent service to our Portland community. Outstanding service includes outstanding customer service. If our customers are unhappy, we are unhappy. Our track record speaks for itself. Here is what a few of our customers had to say about their experience with our franchise:

“Little did we know that the extent of the water damage in our bathroom would extend into our laundry room.  The different technicians that subsequently came to our home over the course of the busy holiday months were always timely - letting us know they would work with our schedule and work with our insurance company.
It was absolutely a pleasure to watch and experience the expertise of your workers - especially when we realized that abatement of some asbestos materials needed to be removed both in the bathroom and later discovered in our crawl space.  
We have recommended SERVPRO to a neighbor who needs a consultation for a mold issue in his house.  Keep up the great reputation. You need to be proud of your workers - the cleanliness of our house was so respected! Again, thanks.”  Paul and Beryl M.

“Hired this company to clean walls and ceilings in preparation to paint. I worked with Jesse regarding this work who was excellent. Showed up on time to give me an estimate, very professional, answered all my questions, did an extensive, thorough estimate for each room and told me I could select what work I wanted them to do. I would highly recommend this company.” Leslie C

“It is important to me and my family that I put into words how grateful we are. You and all of your employees were always, friendly, courteous and thoughtful in your handling of our mothers belongings after the unfortunate fire that removed her from her home of 55 years. She is 92 with Alzheimer’s and at 6am her caregiver called me and I was there in less then 5 minutes. To find the street filled with firetrucks, police and even a Helicopter. Within a couple of hours SERVPRO was there to help us understand what steps needed to happen and they handled everything of hers just as they said they would, over the next few months.

We are very thankful that you really take your job seriously and were always there as we needed answers. You and your company are a definite 10 on service and compassion. 

Thank you for everything.” Betty H

Serving the veteran community in Portland, OR

3/10/2022 (Permalink)

Large SERVPRO Tent and Crew Large SERVPRO Tent and Crew

STOP! If you have water, fire, or mold damage in your property right now, call us at 503-SERVPRO RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait to mitigate - the longer damage sits unattended, the more likely it will develop secondary damage. Call us at 503-SERVPRO now.

SERVPRO understands the value that veterans, military spouses, veteran caregivers, and disabled veterans bring to our SERVPRO Family. While SERVPRO of Northwest Portland is an independently owned and operated franchise of the SERVPRO brand, we are proud of the support the SERVPRO brand has for veterans and their families.

Our SERVPRO Headquarters has committed to hiring 1,000 veterans by 2022, and SERVPRO of Northwest Portland commends their commitment to our veteran community. Here at our company, we value the opportunity to provide employment to veterans, military spouses, veteran caregivers, and disabled veterans. Currently, SERVPRO of Northwest Portland has five veteran employees and, like our brand headquarters, we are eager to grow that number.

As a mission driven company, our core values and mission align with the teachings of the military to their service members. We believe that by hiring a veteran we are not only providing a job to someone who made a selfless commitment to our country, but we are giving them the opportunity to start a career.

At SERVPRO of Northwest Portland, we strongly believe that veterans will find a community in our workplace. We strive to continue to build on that community of support within our workplace and our SERVPRO Family.

Our company is better because of the diverse perspectives our veteran employees bring to our culture, and we continue to be grateful for having them as a part of our SERVPRO Family.

Most of all, SERVPRO of Northwest Portland thanks all military service members for their service, sacrifice, and the example they set for our community.

3 Things to Remember when navigating a Fire Claim

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Burnt Kitchen from a fire Burnt Kitchen from a Fire
  1. You do not have to go this alone! SERVPRO of Northwest Portland deals with fire restoration every day. We have helped countless families and businesses navigate the ins and outs of their insurance claims after a fire disaster. We will walk with you, step by step, through the entire process. From initial filing, to working with your adjuster to returning to your newly restored home of business.
  1. Stay Proactive! Turn off utilities such as your electrical, gas and any other pertinent utilities. Make sure that the fire is completely out and nothing has been allowed to continue to smolder. Board up entries to prevent vandalism and theft. Finally, keep a close eye on the developing situation to be aware of any additional issues that may arise. Make sure to keep track of expenses and retain all related receipts. Your insurance company may be reimbursing you for the cost of fire related expenses, depending on the provisions made in your policy.
  1. File Your Claims ASAP! All insurance policies with require you to report your losses as soon as possible or within a reasonable time frame. Shortly after contacting your insurance provider, you will be required to submit a claim. Make sure to keep account of all communications. As mentioned above, SERVPRO of Northwest Portland can help you with this entire process and is your ally and advocate in this time of crisis.

If you are faced with the difficulty of a fire loss at your home or business, call us today and we will help you get the ball rolling. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can help make it “Like it never even happened”. 503-283-3658

Deodorizing your property after a fire

3/10/2022 (Permalink)

boarded up home after a severe fire Fire with a black background

SERVPRO of Northwest Portland is an expert on restoring properties after fire damage. The first thing you think of is cleaning the debris, soot, and char damage – but the damage that can linger the longest is the smell. This is why a huge part of our restoration process after a fire is deodorization.

There are a few ways we can do this. For textiles and clothing, we have two large commercial washing machines that can deep clean large loads. If textiles still need odors removed after washing, we have what we call an “Ozone room.” An Ozone room is a containment area where contents can be stored over night where they will be deodorized using an unstable oxygen molecule. Ozone is able to destroy odor particles in materials through oxidation, and works wonders for organic odors and fire odors. It takes time to work, and must be set to operate when no persons are around.

Since SERVPRO of Northwest Portland has moved to our new 64,000 square foot warehouse in the St. John’s neighborhood in Portland, we are building an even bigger Ozone Room. This enables our SERVPRO to be able to take on any size fire damage. If you ever find yourself in the aftermath of a fire incident, no matter the size, call SERVPRO of Northwest Portland to handle your restoration needs.

What To After a Fire

3/10/2022 (Permalink)

boarded up home after a severe fire boarded up home after a severe fire

A house fire can be one of the most devastating events to occur in the life of a homeowner. In an attempt to save money, insurance companies will actively look for ways to penny-pinch fire insurance claims. It is likely you have lost a tremendous amount of personal belongings and have suffered a substantial amount of mental anguish. You don’t need an insurance company giving you grief about your claim. Here are a few tips that you can proactively implement in the event of a fire loss.

Review your policy

You may have replacement coverage for you home, but it may only be for “actual cash value” for your lost personal items. Upon contacting your insurance company, the agent should be able to tell you about this and may suggest purchasing an endorsement to ensure that your personal belongs will, in fact be covered under a replacement policy.

Secure Your Property

Most homeowner’s coverage policies require the insured to make reasonable efforts to minimize secondary damage to their property. Without getting overly complicated, this is what is known as your duty to mitigate damages. These are usually simple items such as covering exposed areas with plastic or shutting off the water main in the event of a burst pipe. It is likely that you will be reimbursed for any expense incurred when you start your claim.

Immediately File Your Claim.

All homeowner policies require that you report the damage as soon as possible. Your first step is to submit a “proof of loss” claim to your agent. This document will consist of an itemized list your losses and the value of each item. The longer you put off this step, the longer it will take your insurance company to send an adjuster to address your claim.

Record Your Living Expenses

All homeowner’s policies contain a “loss of use” clause which entitles the insured to be reimbursed for additional living expenses incurred while their home is uninhabitable. Be mindful that these expenses only include additional living expenses, meaning the difference between your normal expenses and what it is costing your while you are kept from your home. An example of this would be If your families normal food budget is $600, but due to your circumstance, your family spends $750 in a week by going out to eat, you can claim that additional $150.

Fire damage remediation is a long process, and navigating your insurance can prove to be difficult without the correct knowledge. Regardless of if you have experienced a small kitchen fire or a complete burn down, you will need an experienced restoration company to help assess the damage. SERVPRO of NW Portland is ready when fire strikes, 24/7. Our team of highly trained, IIRC certified professionals see this every day. Let us be your partner in the road to recovery. Call us today. 503-283-3658. We are always here to help.

CE Classes in house

3/7/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO training equipment SERVPRO training equipment

STOP! If you have water or fire damage in your property, call us at 503-SERVPRO RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait to mitigate - the longer damage sits unattended, the more likely it will develop secondary damage. Call us at 503-SERVPRO now.

SERVPRO of Northwest Portland values our relationships with insurance carriers and their representatives in our region. We understand that responding quickly and efficiently to our customers’ water, fire, and mold damage is a team effort between local insurance professionals and our staff. 

SERVPRO of Northwest Portland has offered complimentary continuing education (CE) classes to insurance professionals in our area for years, and we treasure the great relationships we’ve built during our classes. As a continuing education provider in the State of Oregon, we are always working towards improving our CE curriculum - building on our material and bringing fresh information to our attendees. 

Recently, the Oregon Legislature passed SB 251 and it has new requirements for insurance adjusters licensed in Oregon. Per the Oregon Department of Insurance, “the new law requires Oregon licensed adjusters, both resident and non-resident, to have 24 hours of continuing education prior to renewal, including 3 hours of ethics and 3 hours of Oregon Law.”

Adjusters who also hold Oregon resident producer licenses will be able to fulfill these new CE requirements using credits earned through their producer license; the accrued 24 hours of CE will apply to both license renewals. 

The new CE requirement applies to any individual who has had the full 24 months to complete the continuing education. As such, the first licenses that this will apply to are those issued or renewed on or after January 1, 2020. The Oregon Department of Insurance will be enforcing the education requirement for all licenses that expire on January 31, 2022 or later.

SERVPRO of Northwest Portland is offering a total of 24 CE classes during 2020. If you are an insurance producer or adjuster, sign up now by visiting our community page here. All of our CE classes are coordinated by Matana McIntire, our Marketing Support Coordinator - if you have any questions, feel free to call her at our office line at 503-283-3658. 

CE classes at SERVPRO of Northwest Portland are reserved for insurance professionals only, please contact for special consideration. Registration is determined on a first come, first serve basis. Each class is held in person, and attendees must be present to receive credit.

Reviews and Testimonials

3/1/2022 (Permalink)

Standing Water in a Living room Standing water in a living room

When you choose SERVPRO of Northwest Portland to handle your restoration needs, you’re choosing a company that puts people first. 

We take pride in our ability to advise property owners on their property damage situation. We always offer the best course of action, even if that action is to refer to another company or to go a different direction. With our expertise comes an ethical obligation to inform without bias, and we try to give objective advice for our customers and potential customers at all times. 

At the end of the day, however, we will proceed how the property owner wishes to. If a homeowner would prefer an alternate cleaning agent, we will accommodate them; if they would like us to alter our cleaning process to account for their special building material needs or concerns, we will do so; and if a customer would like us to restore a personal possession as much as possible and return it to them, despite us deeming it ‘unsalvageable’, then we will do as a customer wishes.

We will work together with a customer so that they have the necessary information to make the right decision when it comes to their property. People will always come first at SERVPRO of Northwest Portland, and we carry that thought through everything we do.

Here is what Tammy A. had to say about our company on Google.

“I just want to give quick props to this company. I thought I had an emergency, they sent somebody out right away… They were super professional, very personal and super honest. You don’t find that a lot of times in a company, sometimes they’re just out to make a buck and these guys told me exactly what was wrong and didn’t try to make it out to be something bigger than it was.”

Thank you, Tammy, for your very kind words! 

If you experience significant property damage and need help navigating the claims and restoration process, trust that SERVPRO of Northwest Portland has your best interests at heart. Call us as soon as you sustain property damage at 503-283-3658.

How to deal with Water Damage

2/23/2022 (Permalink)

Large Generator with Hoses Connected to it Large Scale Mitigation Equipment

When you think of severe water damage, the first images that come to mind are probably severe flooding with cars floating down the street and a basement fully immersed in water. Rain and flooding do cost business and home owners tens of millions of dollars in repairs annually, but a slow and persistent water leak can also lead to catastrophic damage if not addressed in a timely manner. We explore the consequences of allowing a slow leak to continue.

Structure Damage

Your home relies on wood and metal materials. Water can weaken wood and corrode metal. Over time, this weakening can lead to floors buckling and walls and ceilings collapsing.

Sheetrock is also prone to water damage. The gypsum materials in sheetrock can act as a sponge, drawing in the water and weakening the walls. This is also prime breeding ground for mold growth.

Untreated brick and concrete are also susceptible to damage. Continued exposure to water can cause cracks and erosion. If the water freezes and then thaws out, the damage left can be severe, requiring expensive and extensive repairs to the foundation.

Flooring and fixtures

Water can weaken the backing of your carpeting and rugs and make them more susceptible to damage. Additionally, carpeting is not intended to get wet and can attract mold, mildew and insects when it is not dried out right away.

Constant leaks can also cause corrosive damage to metal fixtures such as sink and shower heads. The constant water can cause decay over time to rubber gaskets and cause the water pressure to decrease.

In the bathroom, an unattended leak can lead to loosening tiles in your shower or countertops. Leaks in the kitchen can lead to buckling floors and discoloration.

Mold & Other Pests

When water is allowed to remain stagnant for any period of time, it begins to attract mold, insects and germs. If a wet environment is allowed to remain in your home, airborne pathogens and mold will be attracted to it.

Financially Devastating    

Water damage becomes especially expensive when attempting to sell your home. It’s better to be proactive now, than to wait until the 11th hour when your home is already on the market. Home inspectors are trained to look for water and mold damage and will document their findings, no matter how big or small, in their pre-sale inspection report. Potential buyers can use this report to offer substantially less than your asking price or, worse yet, abandon the deal altogether because they feel the home is too much trouble to repair.